Saving for a Family Vacation

Vacations are the well-deserved rest from the everyday life. They allow you to recover your strength and be ready for another year of work. However, you need to save for this well- deserved rest to have unforgettable memories. Below are some tips that will allow you to save money for your next family vacation.

Create a Shift Savings goal

If you haven’t already sign up and utilize Shift to help you save for important financial goals. Create a goal exclusively for your family vacation. Then, do like I do. Each month when you receive your salary or when you get paid for a job you done, put aside some additional money to help you reach your goal faster.

Utilizing a Shift savings account will help you from spending the money you are putting aside for vacation and also helps you to save without feeling the burden.

Book your Family Vacation Early

When you book your family vacation, try to do it a year or six months before. This allows you to enjoy special discounts, better prices and have more choices than if you book last-minute.

By booking early you don’t need so much money to have great vacations, so you save a large amount of money.

Enjoy the Last-Minute Discounts

Although this tip doesn’t give you as many choices as the number 2 tip, this is great for persons that couldn’t save enough money for their family 6 months before the vacations, or couldn’t schedule their vacations earlier.

To enjoy last-minute discounts, you just need to go to some travel agencies, say that you want to travel in a few days and ask them what options you have. Usually they have someone that cancelled a trip, and because they need a certain number of persons to go on a trip, they will make you a special price, so they won’t lose money.

By doing this, you usually get bigger discounts than planning your family vacation way ahead. If you like suspense and mystery, and you don’t mind packing things in a worry, this is the right option for you.

Have Holidays During the Low Season

Low season is cheaper than the high season and if you don’t like being with a crowd and want some calm family vacations, this is the right option for you.

You save some bucks and enjoy places much better without having to wait in queues that seem to never end!


You can’t find a way to save enough money for a good family vacation?

Don’t worry, do some staycation. Be a tourists in your own city. Eat out every single meal, do some boat trips, make sightseeing tours, visit museums, visit tourist attractions and other places. Have fun!

Not many of us can say that they know the place where they live very well. Specially if it is a place with many things to visit. There are many tourists that may know more about your city than you.

If you do staycations you can save a few bucks (because you don’t need to fly or travel to somewhere else) and still have amusing moments.

I gave you a few tips that I consider important and made me save money, hope you use some of them to help you save money for your family vacation.

About Justin Seidl

My name is Justin Seidl and I am one of four founders and the Chief Technology Officer of Shift. Together our goal is to make change happen and help people save for important financial goals.

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