Working from Home and Your Budget

The world has changed and internet joined us making easier working from home. This kind of work can be a good option for you and your budget. Specially if you have kids. Next, I will tell you 5 reasons why this kind of work can be good for your budget and for you in general.

No Trips to Your Job

Did you ever calculate the costs of going to work? This can consume a great part of your salary, especially if you to work by car. You need to take in account the total cost of your car, the car revisions, the insurance, the fuel, etc. If you sum all this, your car can consume 2 months of your salary.

Of course you have cheaper options like motorcycles or public transportation, but you are still losing some part of your salary. And if you need 1 hour to go to your job and 1 hour to get back to your home, you are losing hours that you could be working and gaining money.

No Necessity to Eat Out

If you work from home it is easier to do meals and to eat at home. This can also save you precious money that could be put in a saving account.

More Flexible Hours

If you have flexible hours of work you don’t need to skip your job and don’t get paid if you need to do some errands or go to a doctor appointments.
You can also enjoy special discounts in beauty salons or gyms and save some money.

You Can Save on Childcare

If you have a quiet toddler or baby, you can save money by not putting your child in a kindergarten.

I need to say that wasn’t an option for me. My first daughter, although she doesn’t have any health problem, required exclusive attention and when I started working from home I had to put her in a kindergarten. But I saved 1 year of kindergarten with my other daughter. Both of them require my attention and when they are at home I don’t have the same productivity. I put them in the kindergarten for that and because they clearly needed to play with kids of their age and have stimulant activities.

Although I have my 2 little girls in a kindergarten, when I need to take care of them because they are sick, I can do some part of my work when they are sleeping.

Initial Investment Lower

If you considerer the investment of buying a car, working from home usually has a lower investment. You just need a nice chair, a table, a fast computer and some special equipment or programs. This is much lower than acquiring a car, and probably you already have most of the things you need.

In my case, when I started working from home I had zero initial costs because I already had the equipment and software necessary for me.

Working from home just made me possible to work on flexible hours and have time to be with my little daughters when they need. It had allowed me to reduce some costs and save some money.

About Justin Seidl

My name is Justin Seidl and I am one of four founders and the Chief Technology Officer of Shift. Together our goal is to make change happen and help people save for important financial goals.

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